Welcome to Berachah Farms!  Your home for AMHA Registered  Morgan Horses and AKC
Registered Golden Retriever Dogs.

Spring time brings with it much new life and at Berachah Farm we are no exception.  New
babies each year are available for sale!!!
At Berachah Farm we raise beautiful, AMHA registered, old type Morgan Horses.    We
have given much attention through the years to our Old Type Bloodlines.  The old type
Morgan Horse originated in early America;  you can read the story in
Justin Morgan Had a
by Marguerite Henry.    We have Government, Lippett and Brunk bloodlines.  Our
black Stallion," CLG Benchmark"  is very beautiful, friendly and correct in confirmation.   
Our Morgans are all family raised, imprinted at birth and child handled.  Being a large
family, our horses have much interaction with young people from birth.  We believe in
gentle handling and training methods.  Visitors often comment on the sweet, serene
nature of our horses.
At Berachah Farm we also have beautiful, farm and family raised AKC registered Golden
Retrievers.   We have been raising Golden Retrievers for approx. 22 years.  We have
worked hard on our bloodlines with our Golden Retrievers also.    Our Sire "Berachah's
Trusty Copper" comes from a dog with Agility and Obedience Titles and there are
numerous OFA, champion dogs in our bloodlines.   Our puppies are always cared for with
much love and compassion.   As of 5 years ago we have also been breeding CKC
registered Goldendoodle puppies, they have been a delight as well!!!  
Our Golden Retriever  Sire
Berachah's Trusty Copper
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Our Morgan Stallion  
CLG Benchmark  
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